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Call Marketplace America for free assistance* from licensed agents. Call us today at (800) 371-6350.

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Do you qualify for low cost health insurance?

Many individuals and families will qualify for health insurance with little or no monthly costs by using a premium subsidy (i.e. financial assistance from the government). Marketplace America will get you the most financial assistance allowed by law.

Having problems with Obamacare?

We Can Help! Call our Obamacare helpline. Don’t spend an hour on hold with the Federal Marketplace, we have agents ready to help. Even if you did not enroll with us, our licensed agents can cut through the red tape and solve your problems. Move to the front of the line with our help center and get results.

What happens if I don't have health insurance?

Not having health insurance could cost you thousands. All Americans without health insurance must pay a penalty or qualify for an exemption from the penalty. The maximum “no coverage penalty” for 2016 is $12,240 and will increase in 2017.

Need Health Insurance?

Call Marketplace America for free assistance* from licensed agents. Call us today at (800) 371-6350.

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*Agents may be compensated based on enrollment in your health plan by the insurance company.

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