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Having Problems With Obamacare? We Can Help!

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Common problems our Marketplace Insurance helpline
can solve for you.

Don't spend hours on hold just to get more red tape.
Our licensed agents get results.

Think your rate is too high?

Call our Obamacare phone number to receive a free assessment of your policy. Our licensed agents will make sure you have the best coverage at the lowest cost.

Locked out of your account?

You don’t need a password with our Obamacare helpline. Our licensed agents will solve the problem for you.

Long wait times on the phone?

Our fast and friendly Obamacare phone line will solve your problems without making you wait. Customers have reported waiting over an hour for customer service from the Federal Marketplace only to have their call disconnected.

Letter requesting more information?

Often the Federal Marketplace will require you to send proof of certain aspects of your application. Our licensed agents have direct access to the Federal Marketplace website and can upload your documents electronically.

Change of address?

Even something as simple as a change of address can take hours to complete with the Federal Marketplace. Let our Obamacare hotline do the work for you.

Missing insurance cards?

If you didn't get your insurance cards or you just need replacements, we can help. Our Marketplace helpline licensed agents can solve problems with your health insurance company.

Misspelled name on insurance card?

This problem may require you to work with both the Federal Marketplace and the health insurance carrier. Our representatives get results with both organizations. Get help by calling the Obamacare hotline.

Call our Obamacare helpline

For fast, accurate, and free assistance*.

Need Health Insurance?

Call Marketplace America for free assistance* from licensed agents. Call us today at (800) 371-6350.

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*Agents may be compensated based on enrollment in your health plan by the insurance company.

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